The sale and distribution of liquor is strictly monitored and supervised by the state government to ensure that there is no abuse of it in the state of New York. For any retailer selling liquor in the form of even beer or alcohol, they need a beer an alcohol license if they want to sell it in NYC. Otherwise, they could risk not only confiscation of stock but also be heavily penalized and sent to prison as well.


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A liquor permit is dependent on time. There are around 30 types of permits available by the SLA, and they all differ by the amount of time they are valid for. There are 4 main types of permits available that are:

  • SPECIAL EVENTS PERMIT: As the name suggests these are permits for particular days like for catering purposes or one-day events etc.
  • TRANSPORTATION PERMIT: This permit is for those that need to transport liquor even if it is an aircraft or ship.
  • MARKETING AND REPRESENTATIVE PERMIT: These permits are for those who want to market liquor related products as well as sell them.
  • MISCELLANEOUS PERMIT: This is the category in which all the other permits fall into.

There are different processes and processing fees for each of the permits. There are also different requirements that are mentioned on the official website. The range for the cost of the permit is from $20 to $7000 depending on the type and period for the permit. A minor permit comes with no fee. In this, a minor under the supervision of an adult can be a retailer for liquor-related beverages.


Once you get a liquor license, you can sell beer, wine, cider at your restaurant, bar, hotel, etc. There is a separate agency that regulates the licensing of alcohol called the State Liquor Authority. You need to have a liquor store license if you want to sell n NYC.

There are four main groups of liquor license that the SLA issue, those are:

  • On-premises License: For retailers selling by the glass, this is the license to get.
  • Off-premises License: For retailers selling by the bottle, this is the license that you require
  • Manufacturing License: This license is for those who want to manufacture liquor based beverages and sell them at wholesale too
  • Wholesale License: This is specifically for businesses who want to wholesale liquor to licensed retailers and other wholesalers.


Following is a comprehensive guide on how to get a liquor license in NYC:

  • Find out what type of license you need:
  1. As there are many types of licenses available, you need to find out which one fits what you have in mind.
  2. There are certain subgroups present in the groups named above as well, so you need to find those out specifically.
  • Find out what the liquor license requirements are for NYC:
  1. These requirements are available on the website.
  2. A comprehensive list of requirements includes:
  3. EIN: This is known as the Employer Identification Number. The IRS issues it. All business owners need it if they want to employ more people further as well.
  4. Business License: This license is primarily required by any business owner, regardless of the type of business. If you do not have this yet, you need to get this before you can apply for a liquor licensing. The process for this has been described in our Business-licensing page.
  • Zoning Permit: There are different zones present in the state. You need to have the permission of forming a business there before you actually can.
  1. Health Permit: You need to fulfill the health and safety requirements as you are dealing with beverages
  2. Building Permit: This is a subdivision of the zoning permit. You will need to contact your zoning authorities for this.
  3. Food handler’s Permit: If you also sell food, you need to have this permit as well.
  • Sales tax permit: There are certain taxes that a business can apply; this is one of those.
  • Alcohol tax Permit: You must have a permit to be able to impose some tax on the alcohol you sell.
  • Determine availability of permit:
  1. Due to an influx of applications, there are not many permits available.
  2. You can also resort to buying a license from a previously licenses liquor business.
  • Find out the costs:
  1. You must be wondering how much is a liquor license in NYC.
  2. The liquor license cost in NYC 2019 is around $4550.
  • Fill out the application form:
  1. The application form needs to be filled out and then submitted via the mail to the licensing agency.
  • Submit supporting documents:
  1. There are some other things that you must keep in mind when submitting the document.
  2. This is because, without them, your application will be incomplete and can be rejected.
  3. The documents you need to include in your application are:
  4. Liquor license Fee for NYC
  5. Background information and checks
  • Signed agreement of place on lease
  1. Financial verification document
  2. Copy of food handler’s permit/license


To track the status of your license or to find out whether your business is licensed or not, you can go to the SLA website, input the details, and find out what you need from there.


You do not need a separate beer and wine license in NYC as the liquor license covers all of the beverages. You can still get a temporary wine and beer permit if you do not want a long time license.


The authority sends you a notification three months before your license is about to expire. There is a renewal application form available that you need to fill out. If there have been any changes, you need to add them too and then submit the application via mail to the authorities.


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