Tax and Accounting Services in Brooklyn

Accounting services are of need in every corporation and on an individual basis as well. We provide you with both of these in Brooklyn. Our accounting firm is located in the state of New York and can hence provide these services to all the residents of the city and its boroughs.

Our accountants cater to all sorts of accounts related problems that your company may face, such as tax preparation, licensing, or even audits. Our tax advisors are well versed in the legal side of financial matters and can guide you based on your company’s requirement.


As we are one of the tax specialists found in Brooklyn, we provide you with top-notch consultancy and a wide array of services that span any accounting problem that you may face. We analyze your situation and then advise you accordingly. The services that we provide you with are:

  • TAX SERVICES: We have some of the best tax accountants in Brooklyn helping you out with:
  1. Business tax preparation to prevent you from being hasty just before the deadline.
  2. Preparing all of your taxes for the fiscal year.
  3. Preparing your tax returns concerning your income for the year.
  4. Any sales taxes that you put on your items and advice concerning it.
  5. The procedure for filling the forms for any tax extension in case you cannot make it to the deadline.
  • ACCOUNTING SERVICES: Our firm provides you with accounting solutions concerning:
  1. Any bookkeeping services that your company may need. We have sub-categories in our bookkeeping. You can choose which of these you require.
  2. The payroll for your employees. Our accountants keep a check on any days off that your employees take and make sure they are paid according to your company’s policies.
  3. Duties of the Chief Financial Officer. If you do not have an in-house CFO, we can handle that for you.
  • BUSINESS LICENSE SERVICES: Before starting up a business, it is crucial that you get a license for it so that you are protected legally as well. Our licensing services are mainly directed towards:
  1. Companies that want to manufacture and sell alcoholic beverages. We provide consultancy for beer licenses.
  2. Tobacco license for retailers who want to sell tobacco-related items.
  3. Any person who wants to know more about food stamps. We help you with the whole procedure from the start to the end.
  4. Shop owners are looking to market and sell lottery tickets. Our firm handles licensing for the lotto as well.
  • AUDIT SERVICES: Audit is a very crucial part of any company as it helps keep a check and balance on all the expenses that the company has gone through. It also helps with making sure there are no discrepancies. Our auditors:
  1. Help you with your sales tax audit. We help you prepare for it and give you helpful guidelines so that your audit goes smoothly.
  2. Make you aware of what you should do if you are faced with a worker’s compensation audit.
  3. Help you with being ready for the unemployment audit.
  • ENTITY FORMATION SERVICES: Certain types of corporation models would benefit your business. That is why we are here to guide you about those. The types of entities that we help establish are:
  1. S corporation, which has a flexible tax routine as the individual and the company are taxed separately.
  2. C Corporation that can have multiple shareholders at a single instance.
  3. LLC which stands for limited liability corporation and affords a lot of room for the owners for being exempt from being held accountable for various situations.
  4. Our firm also helps to create your tax ID. We understand that paying taxes is a must for every company, and hence our accountants guide you accordingly.


This is because they help save you from last minute rushing to make the deadline for the payment of taxes. If you do not pay your taxes on time, then you come under the scrutiny of the government. The consequences are far too much, and one should avoid them, and that is what our accountants would tell you too.