Business Tax Preparation NYC

We offer business tax services to all sorts of corporations. Be it big or small, we have got you covered. The two main types of business tax models that we cater to are C Corporation and S Corporation.




Business Tax Preparation nyc

C Corporation is basically if you want to file for your tax and your company’s tax as a whole together. S corporation is when your business is treated as a separate entity, and hence, a separate tax report is made for it. There are pros and cons to both that our employees can easily explain to you.

At our firm, there are services available for both types. Some of the services we offer specifically to business owners In New York City are:

  • CORPORATE / BUSINESS TAX PREPARATION NYC: We provide business tax consultancy whether you have a C corporation or an S Corporation. Our employees prepare a tax report for your specific corporation to ensure no hassle.
  • BUSINESS TAX FILING: To become a filer, you need to fill out a form before the deadline. We provide you information regarding it.
  • BUSINESS TAX PREPARATION: At our firm, we also offer business tax preparation so that you are prepared before the tax season. This way, you can stay away from penalties that you could face if the deadline is not met.
  • BUSINESS TAX SPECIALISTS: Our firm has business tax specialists so you can be sure that your business in good hands.
  • BUSINESS TAX ACCOUNTANTS: Our business tax accountants are well versed in the latest updates in tax laws and have reputable backgrounds in accountancy.
  • BUSINESS TAX CONSULTANTS: As a tax consultancy, we aim to minimize your tax deductions under the law, and we do our best to fulfill that.
  • SALES TAX PREPARATION: For some businesses, there is another tax to consider which is the sales tax. We handle that too and guide you whether you have to file for it or are exempted from it. We prepare the sales tax report before the end of the fiscal year as well.
  • TAX PLANNING: We make sure that you have the best experience with us while doing your tax payment planning as we look forward to creating long-term relationships with you.
  • BUSINESS TAX SOLUTIONS: Whatever tax-related problem you face, we guarantee that we will have the solution for you.

TAX RETURN: We assess the net worth of all your assets and either help you fill out your tax return, or if you prefer it, we fill it out for you. If you are a first-time filer, we also guide you about the dos and don’ts so that you do not get the short end of the stick.