Food stamps are a way to provide food to people living in low-income households so that they do not face food shortage or go to bed hungry. The food stamps work via an electronic benefits system of EBT in short. This way, the state’s welfare department can give out food stamps to the people who need them through an encoded payment card. The NYC government food stamps are a source of benefit for many people.

This ensures that the correct person receives the benefit, and there also is a proper record of the food stamp benefits provided or received. EBT cards are also issued in the state of New York. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is the department that is responsible for the food stamps, and hence, they come to be known as SNAP food stamps as well. The SNAP provides food benefits to many households throughout the country.


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EBT Snap Food Stamps NYC

At this point, you are probably wondering how to get food stamps in NYC. Not to worry, for there are simple procedures in place.


If you want to know how to go about filing a food stamp application in NYC, there are multiple procedures that we have mentioned below:

  • Online application:
    1. If you have access to a computer, then this is the option to go with.
    2. First, you need to open up the ACCESS HRA website.
  • There you need to make an account.
  1. Then you will get an option to apply for a SNAP food stamp.
  2. You need to fill it out and then print it out.
  3. The application needs to be mailed to the Mail Application Referral Unit of SNAP in Brooklyn.
  • Pick up an application:
    1. Applications are easily available at SNAP centers.
    2. You need to fill those out and either drop them off at the SNAP center.
  • The application can also be mailed to the referral unit in Brooklyn.
  • Get an application sent to you:
    1. You can also call the Infoline to have an application mailed to you.
    2. This can either be faxed or mailed to the Mail Application Referral Unit of SNAP in Brooklyn.
  • Wait to get the EBT card:
    1. After you apply for an EBT card, you need to go for an interview before you receive a card.
    2. If the committee finds you eligible, then you will receive your card in 30 days.
  • The EBT card number on your card will be specifically designated to you.

You can call the Infoline to find out the status of your application.


To recertify, you need to go over the whole process of applying again. It is our advice that before your food stamp is expired, you should reapply so that there are no problems. Food stamps generally have a recertification period. There is a recertification application for SNAP food stamps available online and can be filed online as well.


Not everybody is eligible to receive food stamps. To find out if you are, there is a detailed document present on the New York State website that has all the eligibility criteria present. We have provided you with a comprehensive list of the requirements for NYC food stamps:

  • Identity: You need to provide valid documentation to help the welfare program identify you correctly. You need to give them certain documents for this.
  • Residence: You need to show proof of the place of residence so that proper evaluation can be done.
  • Household Size: You need to show how many people live in the household by written proof from a non-relative person.
  • Age: They require your age details, so attach a birth certificate.
  • Social Security Number: The social security number for all the people in your household are needed.
  • Citizenship: You need to prove that you are a US citizen.
  • Immigration Status: If you are an immigrant, then you need to prove that if you want to apply for SNAP benefits.
  • Earned Income: All income that you or the other people in your household earn is to be shown to maintain a record.
  • Unearned Income: If you are supported monetarily by a third party, you need to include that in your application as well.
  • Resources: You need to show all your resources; however, these do not affect your eligibility for SNAP benefits.
  • Disability: If you have any disability, the welfare department provides you some ease, such as for interviews and in person card collection, etc.
  • Referral: If you show a referral from your employer, then you can be exempt from coming to the interview as well.
  • School Attendance: If your school attendance gets hindered by the process, then SNAP provides you some leverage.
  • Shelter Costs: You need to mention and show your rental costs etc. so that these can be used to provide you with the most benefits you can receive.
  • Medical Bills: If you have any medical bills, do attach these as these are factored into your eligibility for benefits as well.
  • Health Insurance: You need to show if you have any health insurance or not.
  • Dependent care cost or others: If you have any dependent children, then provide written proof for them as this affects your eligibility in the welfare program as well/


In such an unforeseen circumstance, the first thing to do is call the EBT customer care service and report that your card has been stolen or misplaced. Next, you need to call your local DTA office and ask for an EBT card replacement. You will not need to pay for your card, as a $5 fee will be deducted from your next EBT payment automatically.


You can avail emergency food stamps if you have lesser income than your rent or any important payments. You need to go to your local SNAP center and fill out a form over there. Then you need to meet with a caseworker. After your application is approved, you receive your amount within 7 days.


The NYC welfare department follows some guidelines on which they judge whether to provide a household with food stamps or not. There have been limits designated to the number of food stamps that a household can receive based on the income of that household.

If your gross income according to family size is less than the average, then you become eligible to receive the SNAP food stamps. The maximum amount of allowance you receive is based on the number of people in your household and your gross income.



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