NYC Lottery License

If you want to hold a lottery event or host some gaming events, you need to have a license for that. The laws of the state of New York dictate that to be a lottery retailer; you also need to have a lottery license. You also get a lot of benefits if you get your license, such as:

  • You can easily market your products without any repercussions
  • Advertising is done for you as well by the department in charge of the licensing
  • More sales as more advertisement lead to more customers
  • You receive training to handle lottery equipment
  • You also get quality lottery equipment to attract more customers
  • Best of all, you get a 6% retailer commission


  • Food Stamps
  • Tobacco License
  • Liquor License
  • Lotto License


lotto License NYC

There are two types of licenses that are:

  • With this license, you get the permission to sell tickets for all of New York lottery’s games except Quick Draw.
  • To be eligible, you must:
  1. Have a proper space that is big enough space to host all the equipment etc.
  2. Have a checking account that will make it easy to keep track of the sales so that the commission can be taken.
  3. Be willing to pay a certain commission based on your sales.
  4. Be alright with going through a background check to ensure everything is on the upside.
  • With these licenses, you get permission to be a retailer for the Quick Draw game.
  • The application is processed fast as it is one of the most famous games of the New York lottery.
  • To apply for a quick draw retailer license, you must:
  1. Have at least 2500 square feet worth of area
  2. or be a licensed liquor distributor


Now onto the important part of how to apply for a lotto license in the state of New York. Following are the steps mentioned comprehensively:

  • FILL OUT THE ONLINE APPLICATION: There is an online application that needs to be filled out on the official licensing website. It also has a list of requirements and eligibility criteria mentioned.
  • GET EVALUATED BY THE LICENSING AGENCY: Next, you have to wait to be approved by the licensing body based on your application.
  • GO FOR AN ORIENTATION SESSION: After this, you have to visit an orientation, which will brief you about the lotto tickets selling a business.
  • GET A COMMUNICATION DEVICE INSTALLED IN YOUR SHOP: This will help you stay in contact with the concerned authorities.
  • GET SOME QUALITY TRAINING: You need to have the training to understand how the lottery works. These training sessions explain that in detail.
  • GET AN OFFICIAL LOTTERY TERMINAL INSTALLED: This will be the official mark of you having sealed the deal.
  • HAVE TALKS WITH YOUR LOTTERY SALES REPRESENTATIVE: The representative will guide you about how to improve your sales and attract more customers.
  • START UP YOUR BUSINESS: You have the license under your belt, and now you are open for business. You can choose your marketing strategies or stick with the ones that you have been trained for.



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