Privacy Policy

Here at Tax King Service, We Value our Client Privacy more than anything. We are aware of the fact that customer trust is everything if you want to maintain your business glory. We make sure that any personal information of clients that are shared with us should not be misused. 

Logged in Manual

When we are getting quotes from our customers we check their location from the map and personally check individual addresses. On the other hand, if we require any additional information about clients we get it through their system IP address. This information is properly administered by DBA. It is an administration that makes sure no part of your information should be misconducted in any manner. 

Displayed Personal Information

Our Website does not show any private information of clients. The visitor can only see that section of the website that we allow them. When a customer enters their personal information to get quotes we make it 100% confidential. No part of the Customer’s personal information is shared with other individuals. Even if it is going to be used to process other applications, client consent is going to be needed. 

Company External Linkups

As a Tax service Company, we have links with other companies as well. Tax King Service is not going to be responsible for the information that you shared with those companies. We are only going to be responsible for that information that the customer shared with us directly. It is our Guarantee that we are not going to let anyone misuse that information. 

We follow all the standard precautions that make our website 100% secure from external hits. We keep on updating it to make sure it complies with all new requirements. Our Privacy Policy keeps on updating with the introduction of new products. 


On this website, all sections are copyrighted. This means that no part of it can be reused, copied, or altered without prior information. 



If anyone has any queries regarding the working of this website you can contact us at (718) 523 0107 or you can also get in touch with us through email at