What most people who create startups do not realize is that it can be extremely difficult to cope without an accountant. Our accounting firm provides accounting services for businesses that have been established before as well as those that are just starting up. We cater to the state of New York, as that is where we are located. Our area expands to the city of New York, and its five boroughs that are Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.

The main services that we provide are personal tax preparation, business tax preparation, auditing, accounting services, etc. We have some of the best tax accountants present in our esteemed firm.

Startups tend not to prefer an accountant as they consider it an added expense. However, there are many pros to having an accountant that if you knew, you would not think twice about hiring one. Some of the positives are mentioned below:

Accountants attract investment
1. One of the main things that a startup need is a proper investment.

  1. If you have an accountant, it adds to the legality of your company.
  2. Though we will agree that it is a big part of the job
  3. It also shows that you are serious about it and that you’re willing to be transparent about any expenses that you make.Accountants do more than file taxes
    1. It is a great misconception that the main job of an accountant is to file taxes.

Description of an accountant but that is not all that they do.

  1. An accountant helps keep all your records maintained in an orderly manner by bookkeeping.
  2. Accountants also provide CFO services to help you manage the entire financial sector of your startup. This way, you can have one less thing to worry about.Accountants save you precious time
    1. As the owner of a startup, you would know just how much hectic it can be.
  3. If you end up having to look at the finances, the products, and the customer service as well, you are bound to not only exhaust yourself but also become demotivated to run your startup.
  4. An accountant can help you save up on time. The time that you can give to other parts of your company.


Taxes are hard to do
1. Once you start to do your taxes, you will realize that they are not an easy task at all.

  1. It is best to leave this work to the professionals so that there are no errors and so that all that you do is completely at par with the law.WHAT SERVICES DO WE OFFER TO STARTUPS?
    There are many services that we offer as a whole at our firm; some of these are specific to businesses while others are suited for individuals. We have the solution for your accounting and tax problems. The services that we offer to the startups mainly are:

    Tax services
    1. One of the main things that need to be done by any business is to pay the taxes on time.
    2. We help you with business tax preparation so that you can easily meet the deadline that has been provided by the government
    3. We also have income tax preparation, as it is crucial that you maintain proper records of your income from the very beginning.
    4. We also have tax extension service so that In case you cannot make the deadline; you do not face heavy fines or worse consequences.

    Entity formation services
    1. Our accountants help to create your tax ID. This way, you can truly start paying taxes.

  2. We have tax advisors on board that guide you so that you can minimize taxes.
  3. Our senior staff accountants also help decide whether you should become an S corporation or a C corporation according to your financial background.

Accounting services

  1. We have some of the best workings in our firm, and we provide you with different small business accounting services such as payroll, CFO, and bookkeeping services.
  2. Bookkeeping will help you to maintain your records in a proper manner.

3. A CFO can manage all the financial aspects of your startup and opting for the payroll service will ensure that you pay any employees on time.