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The terms, which are going to be applicable

When you visit www.taxkingservice.com, start using it, and hire its service, you need to be informed about applicable terms.

Tax King Service is located at 170-16 Hillside Avenue, Jamaica NY 11432, USA. When we use the term Tax King Service, Tax King, Tax King Inc., “we”, “our”, and “us”, it confirms that we are a licensed consultancy and service providers in the field of accounting, taxation, and business assistance. It also means that you are bound to agree to all the terms and conditions given below. Moreover, you are also accepting our privacy policy that is also a part of our terms to use.

The services that we provide.

Tax King Inc. has been developed to facilitate all the individuals and businesses, whether small, medium, or large, in preparing their accounting records, organizing them properly, assisting them in managing their financial processes, submitting their tax returns after organizing their tax records, advising them before making financial decisions, and forecasting and budgeting to take necessary actions and measures for improving their overall performance in the market. More precisely, the services in the following areas are offered at Tax King:

  • Tax preparation Services
    • Personal Tax
    • Business Tax
    • Tax Extension
  • Business License Services
    • EBT License
    • Bear
    • Tobacco
    • Lotto
  • Accounting Services
    • Bookkeeping
    • Payroll
    • CFO Services
  • Entity Formation Services
    • LLC Formation
    • C Corporation
    • S Corporation
  • Audit Services
    • Sales Tax Audit
    • Worker Comp Audit
    • Unemployment Insurance Audit
  • Any other financial, accounting, and advisory services and consultancy
  • All the above-described and other services that we can deliver professionally are for sale through Tax King. We can also send quotes and packages to our clients upon their demand and negotiate to reach the final agreement. Legally, Tax King is not bound to fix the service fee and charges for all, as it is our sole right to sell our services at the most suitable rates, which we think better for our organization.
  • Overall, our objective at Tax King Service is to work as an independent financial advisor, bookkeeper, accountant, tax consultant, and assurance assistant. In this way, we make the financial life of our clients better. We have described some of the top services above. Our website, marketing partners, and customer support team deliver these services professionally with all the skills and expertise, which we can provide at Tax King.
  • Furthermore, some of our financial services are mandatory when you become our clients. Some of them are optional, and you need to tell us about them. Sometimes, we dedicate a professional to some of our clients. In some other situations, we engage our professionals in different timings and situations according to the client’s requirements and our in-house arrangements. We are responsible for the correctness of the records, reports, and analysis, which we have prepared and organized. We do not take responsibility for the correctness of documents, records, information, tables, and any other data that you have prepared at your end. It is because we consider that you have provided us the correct information. The same is in the case of hiring us to file tax returns only. Here, we assist you based on records that you have given to us or provided us access to a specific system, software, or record. However, we think that it is our responsibility to inform you about all the financial opportunities, potential risks, procedures and techniques to cater to them professionally.

Acceptance of Terms

Under this section, we mention all the necessary sections through which Tax King and website users agree on terms coming below. All disclosures, amendments, exhibits, and addendums are also under this section. Acceptance of terms also covers all those changes, modifications, and updates that will be introduced in this section. It means that the acceptance of terms constitutes an agreement between Tax King and you while using the information, forms, and services while using www.taxkingservice.com and its mobile apps. We call all the visitors and clients, users collectively, whether they come for information or use our paid services.

We provide all the services that we have described above through bulleted points and all the coming services, which will be added from time to time and available for sale to our valued clients. Tax King also provides some specific wealth management services, which are separately defined as an agreement collectively between Tax King and clients.

All our services are subject to terms and conditions, which are discussed here, and our Privacy Policy. Both these policies address usage, safety, management, and disclosure of your personal information in front of specific authorities. Some of the terms are not defined here. However, we want to mention that those terms will be according to the laws and regulations defined by the governmental authorities of a particular land.

When you access our website or mobile app, you accept all the terms and conditions and privacy policies that have been included in both these sections and all the upcoming changes that we will include in the future. You also accept while using our website that:

  • You are entering into a legally binding contract through which you are bound to follow all the rules and regulations that are defined here. In this way, you are accepting this agreement as a contract. It means that you are accepting this contract in the same way as we sign the contracts physically. If you do not agree to all these terms, we will not be responsible in the case of any conflict with Tax King.
  • Tax King Service provides all the assistance and support when you start using our services. However, we are not responsible in case of any financial or other loss due to our services. Our team is always available to you for consultancy through our professional financial advisors before making any investment decisions. However, it is totally up to you, whether you want to decide about a specific investment or reject upon our suggestion or without it.
  • We have all rights to change, update, modify or remove any or all of the terms described in terms and conditions and privacy policy. In the case of any changes, we will post them in specific sections or on this page. We are not bound to mention these changes anywhere else before implementing them in this section and privacy policy.
  • Only those people can be part of this contract who have reached the age of maturity, which is legal under the law of the land. If you are not under this age category, you cannot be a part of this agreement. In this case, we do not take any responsibility for providing services or facing any financial loss at your end.

User Responsibility

Under this section of Terms and Conditions, you are bound to provide us the most accurate and authentic information to prepare financial reports, statements, and other required information. It is your responsibility to ensure the authenticity of all transactions and records. It matters a lot in submitting tax returns. In the case of any ambiguity or mistake, we do not take responsibility for any financial or legal loss. More importantly, we take the responsibility if we are also responsible for recording all the transactions, bookkeeping, and other financial management services. However, in this case, you need to provide all the details related to business transactions. Furthermore, all the equipment and machines must be in perfect shape. For example, your internet connection, software, mobile applications, and communication channels must be in perfect condition. If there will be any fault with these machines and equipment, we are not responsible for any delay, lag, or any other issue in preparing the financial statements. It is also your responsibility to meet the deadlines regarding tax submission. We do not give any guarantee related to the submission of tax returns in the case of not informing us timely about these services. We are responsible only if you are engaged with us for the timely submission of tax returns. However, you need to submit the fee for filing tax returns. If you do not do so, we will not take any responsibility in the case of any delay in submitting tax returns.

We do not provide any information about our other clients to you and have never committed it before. Therefore, we do not answer the questions regarding the financial statements or records of our other clients. The same is related to your information, as we do not share your information with any unauthorized person.

You agree by accepting terms and conditions and privacy policy that you are taking the responsibility for providing all the data, content, and information solely, which are necessary to prepare financial statements, accounting entries, financial ratios, and all other reports as per your requirement. You are solely responsible for providing all the information related to the filing of tax returns.

We are not responsible for storing or maintaining your financial statements, copy of tax returns, or any other information after providing you through email, hardcopy, or any other format. We keep records generally with us, but if you claim that we must have, we do not accept your claim or respond to a third-party as per the rules defined here.

Contact Us

If you have any further queries, suggestions, or want to give us feedback, please contact us through our Contact Us form, or send us an email at info@taxkingservice.com