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Tax King Service providing tax accountant NYC offers a wide range of services to different clients from all walks of life, as we are one of New York’s finest tax specialists. We provide easy solutions for all your accounting and tax problems and stay updated with the latest developments in tax laws.

Our firm offers services to companies as well as individuals like business licensing, audit and tax services as well as entity formation services. To learn more check out the following:

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Tax Services

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Business Licensing

NYC Top Rated Tax Accountant

Accounting and taxes are an important aspect of every person who earns. It is of great importance that we pay our taxes as it, our tax accountant NYC service will not only help the economy improve but will also be good for our own business. This is because paying taxes adds to the legality of one’s earning. It keeps you safe from facing any strict measures the government could take against you. If you have or have not paid taxes before, fret not because we are here to cater to all of your needs and to advise you according to your situation.

There are plenty of tax firms available in the state of New York, and we being one of those, provide services like no other. To be one of the best if not the best business, corporation, or firm, one must cater to the needs of their clients. Keeping that in mind, we work to better ourselves through the feedback we receive from our customers.


Best Tax Accountant Services

Tax Services

We provide best tax accountant NYC services for both individuals and businesses, too, including tax preparation. Our professional tax accountant employees help you save money and time. It is really important that you do your taxes on time, at the same time, they must be done with errors. Errors can cost you a lot.

We ensure that we prepare your tax returns promptly and without any discrepancies. We realize that if taxes are not paid by the deadline, there can be penalties. If there be any need, we also help you file for an extension on your tax payment so that you face no problems.

Some businesses are also required to charge sales tax. We help in assessing your business model and guide you accordingly about this well.

Tax Accountant Services

Not everyone is well versed in accounting and related jobs, but we were a tax accountant nyc firm is. We provide accounting services such as bookkeeping, database management, payroll management, as well as CFO services.

Let us make your life and your business easier to manage by delegating your accounting related activities to us. We can maintain an inventory of your sales items so that you do not have to get into the hassle of it.

If you have a large business, with thousands of employees, we can help you manage and keep a check on the payroll. This way, you can focus on other aspects of your business and make it flourish while making timely payments to your employees.

Business Formation

Forming a business entity is a smart way to save money on taxes. We provide such legitimate strategies to help you minimize your taxes. A business entity, for example, a limited liability company, is regarded as separate from the owners. This way, you get to pay less tax on it.

In the case you do not want your corporation to be taxed separately, we also offer services for business following the C Corporation tax model instead of the S Corporation one.

Audit Services

One of the main mutual problem faced by both individuals working in and individuals owning a corporation are audits. The audit is basically when records are made and checked to ensure there have been no discrepancies in the finances or the material in the entire fiscal year or a specified period.

We offer all kinds of auditing services such as sale tax audit, workers compensation audit (to make sure that neither the employees nor the employers get the short end of the stick) as well as unemployment insurance audit.

Business License Services

Food Stamps

Get your food stamps and EBT Snap with out any hassle. We help you to get food stamps for your business in New York.


Get your liquor license with out any hassle. We help you to get your liquor/bear licnese for your store with in New York.


Want to run a lotto in New York.  Get your lotto license today for your lottery business with out any hassle in the New York


Tax King Service help to get tobacco license for retailers and shops. Tobacco license made easy & simple in New York

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Our Aim

Our aim is to ensure that our clients are not only satisfied but also receive the best advice that we can offer to them. We further want to ensure that you pay the least amount of taxes so that you can maximize your savings and all this under the umbrella of legality.

Areas We Cover

We are based in the state of New York and provide all of our services in New York City and its five boroughs; Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island.

It is crucial for the agent to be present in the area where its clients are as well, so we cater mainly to the people of the state of New York.

Why Choose Us

There are a number of reasons that put us ahead of other accounting firms such as:

Our firm offers a lot of services including tax planning and business licensing. We cater to all sorts of accounting problems be it managing the payroll, CFO services etc. No matter what your situation our accountants can handle it effectively.

Before we provide any services, we sit you down and assess your situation. Once we know just what services you need we create a plan and then we work in accordance with it.

At Tax King we believe that a good plan means that half the work is done. Our accountants create a goal oriented plan specifically for you so that the work becomes easier to do.

As we deal with sensitive private information, we want to ensure the security of that. We have strict procedures for that in place and we constantly revise them. As a client you get certain confidentiality privileges as even IRS cannot make us disclose certain discussions that we have with you.

All our accountants work as a team. Once we have you on board, you become an automatic part of that team. We make sure to safeguard your interests and to provide you the best service possible.

Our Testimonials

Brian Dean
Our company opted for the tax preparation service and we were amazed at the planning and professionalism of the accountants working our case.
Brian Dean
Miss Halana
The accounting services are amazing. The accountants are very diligent and make sure there are no errors in our books.
Miss Halana
Mr Kuldeep Singh
The accountant handling our bookkeeping was very careful to avoid any errors. He was thorough and made sure every expense was recorded.
Mr Kuldeep Singh
Mr Marko
The tax service and the accounting service is of high standard. Tax King really does have all the solutions.
Mr Marko
Mr Scott
We didn’t know the importance of having a license before starting a business. But they guided us at every step and we are very satisfied.
Mr Scott

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