NYC Personal and Corporate Tax Extension Services

The government has preset deadlines for different processes. The deadline for filing for tax is a couple of months after the end of a tax year. You can also fill out the form for an extension, which also has an end date till which you can file it.

Furthermore, there are deadlines for the payment of the taxes. They can also be extended for up to 6 months if you fill out the form on time.




NYC Tax Extension Services
  • NEW YORK CITY INCOME TAX EXTENSION: If the deadline is fast approaching and you have not yet made your tax payments, do not fret for we offer New York City’s income tax extension services. Our accountants will help you fill out the extension form in a timely manner so that you can avoid any penalties.
  • NEW YORK CITY BUSINESS TAX EXTENSION: If you cannot complete your business tax payments by the deadline then an extension can offer you relief in not only the payment schedule but also in penalties. We offer services to guide you about this so that you can undergo a smooth process.
  • INCOME TAX RETURN EXTENSION: You can use this service if the deadline for filing your income tax return is close and you feel, or we advise you that getting an extension will provide you with a leniency period.
  • NEW YORK CITY CORPORATE TAX EXTENSION: This is an amazing service, especially for corporations that are running behind on their taxes. An extension would prevent additional costs such as the penalties. Penalties do decrease the growth of one’s company so they should be avoided. We provide you with such methods to do just that.
  • TAX FILING EXTENSION: The government has pre-set deadlines for various processes. If you were filing to become a taxpayer and are on the verge of not meeting the deadline, it is better to fill out the extension form just in case.
  • TAX RETURN EXTENSION: This is more or less like the extension for income tax returns.