NYC Business Licensing Services and Online Registration

When opening or starting up a business, you need a license to legalize it. Our firm offers business licensing services in New York to ensure that you do not have problems with the law in the future. In the state of New York, laws dictate that every business must have a license. If it is not so, they face the consequences such as being foreclosed or fined. So, whether you need a business licensing service in NYC for a small business or a big one, we have got the answer for you.

License or Permit?

The state of New York provides businesses with licenses as well as permits. Therefore, if you find confusion about what you require for your business, here are some differences between the two. Every state has different laws when it comes to permits and licenses. It will help you get a clear view of them.

New York City Business Licensing Services

A license is more of a generalized allowance that permits a person or a business to do something.

New York City Business Permit

A permit needs a thorough inspection before it can be issued. Health practitioners and businesses get permits in similar fields. The professionals also require that can be hazardous, like construction, roof tiling, etc.

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New York City Business License Search

If you want to confirm whether or not you have a business license, you can check it up online on the government website for New York City business license NYC that has been specified for business. You can also use this website to see if there are any changes in the state policy or if you are due for license renewal. For IT, you need a few details as well, that is:

1. Transaction number:

It is a number that authorities provide you when you filed for a license and can be:

2. License number:

It is the license number that the state gives you when you license your business.

3. Account number:

  • When you register online on the government website, you first need to create an account.
  • It is specific to your business only.

4. Docket Number:

  • It is the number that has been assigned to your receipt for a license.
  • In case you are waiting to get your license, you can use this number.

5. Address:

If you do not have either of the numbers mentioned above, you can easily still track and find out the license of your business by inputting the correct, complete address. Business licensing services at Tax King Service can be the best option for you if you avoid the hassle discussed above.

How to Apply for a Business License in NYC

Now that you know what a business license is and how it is important. You also need to know how to get a business license in NYC from business licensing services. We guide all steps that are:

1. Find the requirement for license:

  1. First, you need to find whether your field requires a license.
  2. Some professions also require additional permits such as driver’s licenses etc.

2. Search for a name that has not been licensed:

We can guide you about these by performing extensive searches and finding a unique name for your business.

3. Find what the required forms are:

You need to find out what forms your business require. Furthermore, our firm can guide you about this procedure as we are experts in state laws.

4. Gather information for your forms:

  • Next, you need to collect all the required information in one place.
  • This information includes the name of the business, the address, and contact information.
  • It also includes the information of the owners, including the home addresses and the EIN. The IRS has issued it to the employers.
  • You also need to know how many employees there will possibly be.
  • Our firm can help in gathering all this information for you.

5. Enter the information into the application:

Our firm can do this step for you to provide ease of setting up a business.

6. File your forms:

  • You need to submit some forms online, while some need to be submitted via mail.
  • Forms usually have this kind of information written on them.

7. Pay the required fees:

  • The city charges an amount charge to process and provide you with a license.
  • The prices may vary from state to state as well as from profession to profession.

8. Receive your license:

  • You are almost at the finishing line.
  • All you need now is to wait to get the license.

This procedure is for small businesses in New York and corporate. Now that you know how to get a license in New York City, you must be wondering about what it costs.

What is the Cost of a Business License in New York City?

The cost of a license can be in the range of $50 – $400 as laws vary and get updated, so it is necessary to find out the latest prices before applying for a business license.

NYC Business License Renewal

  • Everything has a particular expiry that comes along with it. In this manner. Additionally, you also need to keep the expiry date in mind while hiring a firm for business Licensing Services NYC. Moreover, in the case that your license expires, you should get it renewed as soon as possible, or you could face penalties and fines from the state of New York.
  • It is crucial that you are ready to face these circumstances so you do not wait until the last moment to get your license renewed. You can easily find the validity of your license on the description page of your account if you have gotten your license or applied for one online. You can also contact the New York state agency to find out the expiry of your license.
  • There are additional fees that need to be paid if you apply for a renewal of a business license. Our firm can guide you about the whole procedure and any changes made in the state’s policy.

Where Are We Located?

We are located in the state of New York. Our firm caters to the businesses in New York and its five boroughs; Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, and Brooklyn.