Our firm offers a diverse set of audit services. The audit is an important part of any business, and we are here to cater to your company’s individual needs. We offer a personalized experience and take care of your audit as if it was our own.

Sales Tax Audit

Sale Tax Audit

Workers comp

Worker Comp Audit

Unemployment claim form on an office table.

Unemployment Audit

You need an audit firm that is well versed in the ongoing services that are needed, and we guarantee that you will come to us again for an audit of your business. We cater to multiple areas for audit in your company and do a well-rounded job in each.

Our strategy is to first go over your specific needs and then make a plan for the audit that caters to specifically those. We also provide valuable guidance so that you get the best possible experience with your audit.

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The main services that we offer are:

  • Sale tax audit: A sales tax audit is an evaluation of a business’s financial documents by a tax agency to ensure that the correct sales tax has been sent to the proper authorities or not.
    1. Our firm provides you with experienced professionals that handle your sales tax audit
    2. For any company, it is important that a record, check, and balance be made to avoid any discrepancies that might later be the cause for trouble.
  • Unemployment insurance audit: According to the law, all employers must be open to being audited about their employees as well as the insurance provided to the employees. Any company that is not is directly under scrutiny.
    1. Our firm provides an audit of your employees’ insurance in case of unemployment.
    2. We ensure that there are no discrepancies in the records
  • We further make sure that all the records are maintained in case of any notification issued by a government agency for an audit.
  • Workers compensation audit: Workers compensation is an amount that is paid to the employees in case of any injuries while working on the job. This also includes remuneration to the families of a worker in case of injuries leading to death, or permanent disability that hinders employment.
    1. Our firm provides workers compensation audit as a service to all corporations in the state of New York.
    2. We go over all records that have been made and any money that has been paid in the form of worker’s compensation
  • This leads to you knowing the exact figure that has been given to the employees in the form of worker’s compensation.


These audits are necessary because of several reasons, such as:

  • KNOWING HOW MUCH YOU HAVE SPENT: Any company, big or small, needs to know the cost of any expenses. All these provide you exact figures for that purpose.