Personal Tax Accountant NYC

Our firm caters to your taxes as well. They can be anything from income taxes, to tax returns to filing for extensions.

We offer services like making reports on your taxes, providing consultancy for your tax plans so that you do not have to face any issue in your finances. It is our aim to serve people in the city of New York and its 5 boroughs; Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Staten Island as those are the areas that fall in our jurisdiction.




personal tax accountant nyc services
  • PERSONAL TAX ACCOUNTANT: If you need a personal tax accountant, we have just the people for the job. Our employees can make a whole database and maintain a record of all of your assets not to be used to file a tax return but also to make sure there is a check and balance of the things you have.
  • PERSONAL TAX SERVICE: Like we offer business taxing services, we also offer those that are related to your income from any source. In short, you do not have to a business for us to do your taxes.
  • INCOME TAX PREPARATION: If you choose our firm for managing your finances, we prepare a report for you based on your income to give you a heads-up on the amount of tax you would have to pay at the end of the year.
  • PERSONAL TAX SPECIALIST: Our firm has personal tax specialists available to help you cut down on your taxes, legally. They know all of the state laws regarding tax in New York and are always on the lookout to help you save.
  • PERSONAL TAX PLANNING: If you are in a fix about how you will manage to make the payments of your tax, do not worry. We have people who will not only prepare a report for you beforehand but will also help you plan how to pay it off so that the deadline is not crossed as well.
  • PERSONAL TAX FILING: Confused whether you should become a filer or not? We have excellent consultants in our firm who assess your specific situation AND help you decide. We further help with guiding you about what forms to fill and keep you appraised about any other such detail.
  • PERSONAL TAX CONSULTANT: One of our main job duties is consultancy. We welcome questions from clients because we understand that due to changes in laws, it can be somewhat confusing. We are here to serve our customers and are available for consultancies as well.
  • PERSONAL TAX SOLUTIONS: Some people tend to do their taxes, and we highly discourage that, because there tend to be changes and we want to protect you from any losses that occur.
  • PERSONAL TAX ADVISOR: We believe one should ask someone advice before doing something and as we are well versed in tax and accountancy related issues, we are here to provide suggestions.
  • TAX RETURN: Another service we provide is filling out your tax return. If you have never done this before, we got your back. And if you have done this before then let us take this worry away from you so that you can focus on other things.